Hi! My name is Melissa and I am a Certified Wellness Coach with the IAWP where I was trained in holistic health and wellness and how to help people create lasting transformations. I focus on a natural approach to eating and living that addresses the whole person. Through coaching, I help build healthy habits while ditching the bad ones that are keeping you stuck; supporting and guiding you every step of the way. My goal is to help you create a healthy lifestyle that you love to wake up to everyday!

What I specialize in

1:1 Sessions

Ready to Achieve Your Health Goals but Feeling Stuck? Let Me Help You Navigate Your Wellness Journey! In a world filled with overwhelming information, finding ...

Natural Approach to Eating

Empower Yourself: Say Goodbye to Endless Dieting! Discover the Path to Natural Weight Loss, Lasting Confidence, and Unstoppable Self-Love. Reserve Your Free Consultation Today and ...


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